Two New Articles About HySociaTea in September 2016

New articles appear in september that summarize main features of the team and key ideas in the project. A video paper will be presented at the The 12th International Conference on Intelligent Environments – IE’16, and a paper about components and architecture will be presented at 14th German Conference on Multiagent System Technologies – Mates 2016. For the complete list, see our publications section.


© (c) Uwe Voelkner / FOX

© (c) Uwe Voelkner / FOX

Integration Meeting in Bremen

In our integration meeting (01/06/16 and 02/06/16) in Bremen, the new versions of the speech engine, with a lot of new features, has been tested and transfered from the MLT and IUI departments in Saarbrücken to the HySociaTea laboratory in Bremen supported by the RIC department. There has also been some successful tests to control the compi-robot using voice commands. Therefore the speech engine introduced a new agent “Compi” which has been connected to the real compi-robot in cooperative work of the departments. The new voice engine can automatically resolve the dialog partners based on history, eyetrackers, skills and addressing to make the communication more natural. Also the speech engine gives the worker many new features to interact with the environment. The virtual character uses now gestures and mimic to support the text-to-speech generation. The robots have been updated to the new communication protocols.

© (c) Uwe Voelkner / FOX F o t o a g e n t u r F O X

© (c) Uwe Voelkner / FOX F o t o a g e n t u r F O X


New Articles in Management Magazine

Two articles about HySociaTea appeared in the latest edition of the German management magazine “Industrie 4.0 Management”. The project scope and results are presented for people from industry and management, embedded in the scientific background of the project work.

The articles are the following:

While the first concentrates on the shared workspace of humans and robots in a Hybrid Team, the latter is an overview of Hybrid Teams with the following abstract:

One of the implications of Industry 4.0 is the emergence of a new collaboration between humans, robots and virtual agents as teams – robots are no competitors, but typically take over tasks that are time-consuming, harmful or even extremely dangerous for humans. These Hybrid Teams must communicate efficiently, should be flexible and broadly applicable.How can one implement such a team and what has to be considered? The article describes the organization and properties of Hybrid Teams and proposes a system architecture that is based on experiences from the ongoing research project HyScoiaTea (FKZ 01IW14001, BMBF).



Mehdi Moniri presents the Baxter eyebots-demonstrator as an example for human-robot-collaboration to Bundespräsident Gauck and important other visitors. The eyebots-demonstrator uses TECS as middleware to interconnect Baxter, Occulus Rift, tablets, computers and other devices to make human-robot-collaboration possible. The eyebots-demonstrator is created in the context of DFKI’s HySociaTea project and was also presented at the CeBIT 2016 (Video).

Release TECS-2.0.0

After two exhausting hackathons, lots of changes, debugging and testing we are proud to announce the TECS-2.0.0 release. A lot of things have been changed and we hope you find the changes appropriate, useful and easy to understand. TECS is designed to make research in cyber-physical environments easier. All our upgrades are trying reduce communication complexity in CPEs. Please feel free to contact us if you have problems or if you are interested in more details.

  • Publish-Subscribe in Java, C# C++, Python, Ruby
  • Message-Passing in Java, C#, C++, Python
  • Discovery in Java, C#, C++, Python
  • RPC helper in Java, C#, C++
  • Blocking & Nonblocking APIs
  • Web RPC server in Java
  • Optimized tecs-server
  • URIs instead of host/port configurations
  • Factory Classes
  • License CC-BY-NC-4.0
  • Open source repository
  • C++ libtecs for windows

Best Regards
Christian Bürckert, Yannick Körber and Magdalena Kaiser

HiWi Wanted – UI Programming

You know how to write GUIs in either C++, Java, C# or you are able to write
flexible JS HTML websites with an underlying Java server then apply now. We
are looking for a UI programmer for the DFKI’s HySociaTea Project.

Read More: HiWi Wanted – UI Programming
Application will be closed at 31/01/2016

Release TECS 1.0.0

Communication between applications in cyber-physical environments and smart-environments increases the requirements for developers and researchers: Multiple operating-systems, processor architectures, programming languages and communication techniques have to be brought together. TECS combines the most common ways of communication in a single easy, fast and stable middleware. Its communication is based on Thrift, a RPC oriented Interface Definition Language (IDL), originally created by Facebook but later consigned to Apache and therefore now open-source. TECS expands the RPC functionallity in Thrift with the well known communication strategies publish-subscribe and message-passing for the languages Java, C++, C#, Ruby and Python on the operating systems Windows, Mac OS and Linux running under arm, amd64 and i686. Additionally some parts of TECS are also working under Android and even Unity and we are currently working to easily integrate websites using HTML5 and JavaScript. Services should be able to find each other easily, TECS provides support for publishing and discovering services via multicasting and broadcasting. Services and application can be monitored and started by using watchdogs. Therefore, TECS makes communication in cyber physical environments and smart environments possible and simplifies the administration and implementation of more and more complex project architectures.

Read More:

IROS Technical Tour visits HySociaTea Showroom

Visitors of IROS Technical Tour at Robotics Innovation Center of DFKI in Bremen

About 150 participants of the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2015) in Hamburg visited the Robotics Innovation Center in Bremen at the 28/09/2015 as part of a technical tour of the conference. The HySociaTea Showroom was one of the spots of the visitors with AILA, ARTEMIS and COMPI being on-site. During the tour the scope of HySociaTea was introduced.