New Articles in Management Magazine

Two articles about HySociaTea appeared in the latest edition of the German management magazine “Industrie 4.0 Management”. The project scope and results are presented for people from industry and management, embedded in the scientific background of the project work.

The articles are the following:

While the first concentrates on the shared workspace of humans and robots in a Hybrid Team, the latter is an overview of Hybrid Teams with the following abstract:

One of the implications of Industry 4.0 is the emergence of a new collaboration between humans, robots and virtual agents as teams – robots are no competitors, but typically take over tasks that are time-consuming, harmful or even extremely dangerous for humans. These Hybrid Teams must communicate efficiently, should be flexible and broadly applicable.How can one implement such a team and what has to be considered? The article describes the organization and properties of Hybrid Teams and proposes a system architecture that is based on experiences from the ongoing research project HyScoiaTea (FKZ 01IW14001, BMBF).