Robotics Innovation Center (RIC)

The Bremen Robotics Innovation Center and its branch office at the University of Osnabrück develop mobile robot systems that solve complex tasks on land, under water, in the air, or in space. These design concepts benefit from the variety of nature: climbing/walking four-, six-, or eight-legged robots, snake-like underwater vehicles, and two armed transport robots resemble patterns from a natural environment, combining advantages of new materials with successfully evolved locomotion patterns and forms.

Research focuses on underwater, space, SAR (Search and Rescue), and safety robotics, logistics, production and Consumer (LPC), cognitive robotics, E-mobility, and rehabilitation robotic systems. The Robotics Innovation Center benefits from the basic application-oriented research of the Robotics Group at the University of Bremen, headed by Prof. Frank Kirchner.

Benefiting from the basic research of the working group Knowledge-Based Systems, headed by Prof. Joachim Hertzberg, DFKI researchers at the Osnabrück branch office develop algorithms for a plan-based control of autonomous machines. Application areas are, among others, autonomously operating agricultural machinery and driverless transport systems.

Prof. Dr. Frank Kirchner

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